Friday, April 27, 2012

$3 Gel Liner SMACKDOWN!

Essence Gel Liner in 01 Midnight in Paris
 Wet N Wild Gel Liner in 886
E.L.F Cream Liner in Black

Essence          Wet N Wild            E.L.F
All three are very intense black. However Essence is the most creamy while Wet N' Wild has a drier formula.

Took some water, rubbed it across all three, and excuse my horrible swatching skills but no one  budged.

Took a contain swab dipped in makeup remover, ran it once over all three. Essence faded, Wet N wild barely moved and  with one more swipe E.L.F  would have disappeared.

If you are looking for an awesome liner all around, then get the Essence Liner. It is creamy so it goes on SOOOO smooth. It doesn't smudge and lasts all day. Plus they have a very nice color selection for those divas wanting to experiment with colored gel liners :)

If you are looking for a liner that won't move for days, go ahead get the Wet N Wild Liner.  That little sucker stays on even after you remove it. Although a little drier in texture, it is very easy to apply.
Side Note: Thank u all for the congratulation's, it really meant a lot, and as far as putting up pictures, im so sorry but I can't. Mi familia decided that they needed to be in every picture so when I asked if I could share them online, they all shied away :) But no worries, someday I will put up pics:)


  1. Great post! I am currently using the Essence eyeliner, but am in search for a new one. It's easy to apply and looks great on at first, but it seems to smudge a lot, even just after 30 minutes of application. I even put a powder eyeliner over it for longer wear. I wonder if anyone else has this problem. Perhaps I should stick to liquid and pencil eyeliners!

    1. yup yup ur absolutely right, it does smudge but shockingly not a lot even on my annoying oily eye lids. I tend to use an angled brush and pack it into my upper lashes rather then using it just as liner. It gives my lashes a much more dense and dark affect, which is what I go for on a daily basis. My problem with it usually happens if I use it near my lower lashes, so I don't. Other then that the Line stilleto is my go to liner, that sucker stays on all day :)